SJ-PC58C-SL (Silver 545L)

  • Capacité Brute : 545 L
  • Panneau de commande numérique
  • Technologie Plusma cluster
  • Éclairage LED
  • Sytème de Refroidissement hybride
  • Poignées cylindriques Inox
  • Filtre AG+ Nano Deodorizer
  • Pack de glace
  • Couleur : Silver (Argentée)
  • Alarme portes ouvertes


Child Lock

Keep your children safe from accidentally using the microwave with the easy to set up Child Lock.

Automatic ice maker

Most icemakers take up valuable fridge room but this one is on hand for the perfect summer drink without taking up precious space for food.

Chiller room

Deep side door pockets

Deodorizing Unit

This smart little device cleans the air as it flows over to remove any nasty smells that may be lurking in your fridge. No more wafts of strong cheese to stink out your other food.

Door Alarm

If your fridge door is left open too long it will let you know, saving your food and your energy bills.

Eco Mode

Sharp want to make sure your bills are low, the energy usage is little but your food is always fresh.
The Eco Mode does just that.

Emotional handle

Holiday Mode

When you go on a break so does your fridge. Holiday Mode allows your fridge to use less energy while running at a constant ten degrees.


Fiche technique

545 L
10 ANS
Classe économique
Système de refroidissement
No frost

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